Friday, April 29, 2011

masanya telah tiba

ehem ehem. in one week, im graduating! yeay!! (:

im done with my viva, already submit my hard cover, cd, evaluation form and log book and all. huuu... will be finishing my internship in one week time. next is im a graduating studentt....... yieeeeeeeehaaa ! !

but but im stil didnt get any work, duhh! so in one or two month im jobless. anyone want to hire me?? ohh pleaseee *sambil buat muka comel ;p*

p/s: will be saying goodbye to petronas and the teams. thanks for the sweet memory (:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

surat cinta untuk abi kita! *eh terletak dekat blog pula*

yesterday, kami genap 6 bulan. alhamdulillah, eventhough banyak gado gado, nangis nangis moment, we gone thru it with smile. cuma sabar is the only strength in a relationship. it hope it will be last forever until we are getting old, kerepot *suntik botok la bole tak?* but still deeply, madly in love as always.

besarnyaa kumbangg (:

dear my habibi:

on the day you asked me to be your girlfriend, then you asked again, you said that "after i said yes, no more turning back" something like that. i smile and said that "i won't".
 i'll be with you in your happiest moments - sit on the side and watch your envious smile, hear your envious stories, your dreams, your hopes and your plan.
i'll be with you in your not-very-happy moments - promise to be very silent and just listen to your angrybird *eh salah* angry-ess moment, comfort your punch-other-people-face feelings and replenish your empty-ness.


you're the greatest things in my life!
i love u, i love u and i love u!

PS: thanks.... you, bila nak bwk ai pegi ice skating??

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

lets Tutti Frutti on the Sunday Night

Last sunday, me n my friend going out to watch moviee! yaa.. thats because of i am stressed to see this screen and gridliness for my spss. haihh.. hope to finish it soon..we watch RIO! its superr hilariousss... plus im watching in 3D. the birds look real. u should watch it (:

this is awesomee

before that, we eat first @tutti frutti. its nyummmyy (:

awesomeness dabel dabel

but for price.. first, i will cry to pay for that and second i will cry for the awesomee taste! (: haha. u guys should try this. and watching RIO too. i guaranteed that your sunday will be much more meaning rather than spending your time watching those gridliness *SPSS i mean* boringg~

look at our face *our happy face i mean*

P/S: I need a nice and new pair of shoes (:

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

sometimes everythings doesn't feels right

sometimes you doesn't want to believe.
sometimes you refuses to believe.
but sometimes you have to believe.

when its not about sometimes. its about time.
time that makes it all faded
time that makes you want to scream out loud
time that makes you feels everything not right.

sometimes you think what you're mean to be are just not meant to be.