Tuesday, October 27, 2009

DKNY Ladies Stainless Steel Bracelet Designer Watch (Stunning!!) ~SOLD~

Quartz movement,
Polished silver-tone hands,
Roman numerals and numbers,
Polished silver-tone stainless steel case with 26 crystal accents,
Crown and caseback.
Case diameter 24mm
Thickness 8.5mm
Band width 20mm
Water resistant to 30meters.
Complete with DKNY BOX!
Retail Price: RM1000++
Our Price: RM450 (what a steal!!)
Kindly add RM10 for Courier :)

interested? do email me at farrablacksheep@yahoo.com or leave your comment!
first come first serve! =)

Monday, October 26, 2009


> Condition: New
> Size: 15" x 13" x 4"
> Magnetic snap closure
> Adjustable double handles with 7" drop
> Interior features zip pocket; four open slide pocket.
> ID window on back side
> Exterior front zipper pocket
> Price: RM380.00
> This bag is highly recommended, can fit 10" netbook easily, its so roomy
> Top zip closure
> Made from durable PVC with patent trim
> This two-tone color handbag by Issac Mizrahi for Liz Claiborne can be dressed up or dressed down.
> Two choices of colours : BLACK and BONE

interested? do email me at farrablacksheep@yahoo.com or leave your comment!
first come first serve! =)


* Canvas With Contrasting Leather Trim And Bonnie Graphic Print Detail
* Color: Fuschia & Orange
* 1 Zipper Pocket
* 1 Large Open Pocket Inside
* Ring To Clip An Accessory Or Key Fob
* 1 Coins Purse With Kisslock Closer And Brass Trim On Outside Front
* 1 Open Pocket on Back
* 2 Turnlock Closure Pockets On The Sides
* Strap: Two 17" Leather Handles With 7 1/2" Drop
* Approximate Dimension: 13.25" x 12" x 5.25"
* No Dustbag
* Retail: USD 298 and selling at Coach Boutique here @ RM1690
* Our Price: RM890

interested? do email me at farrablacksheep@yahoo.com or leave your comment!
first come first serve! =)

branded goods is in here~

i hope this collaboration will help you get the original goods with unbelievable cheap price (compared if you get one from the boutique!!!) all the products imported from U.S. Please note that this is the original ones! plus affordable price!

double money back guaranteed! we do not sell the fake one ok? interested with the goods? but the price is too high? dont worry... we can actually give u a discount! have a happy browsing =)

any information regarding the goods please feel free to ask me through my email : farrablacksheep@yahoo.com


Disaat cinta tercipta
Semestinya ku merasa
Dikala hasrat mendalam
Semestinya ku berbalas

Houu houu hou wooo

Dari hati kini kusadari
Tak semestinya kuberkasih
Jika hati tak dapat berbagi
Baiknya rasa itu tersimpan dalam

Semestinya aku mencinta
Seharusnya aku menyayang
Oh maafkan jika semua ini yang kuberikan

Dari hati kini kusadari
Tak semestinya kuberkasih
Jika hati tak dapat berbagi
Baiknya rasa itu tersimpan dalam

Chorus [3x]

Dari hati kini kusadari
Tak semestinya kuberkasih

p/s : lately ni asyik letak lirik lagu je buat entry. bukan apa.. there is something i couldnt tell everybody. hopefully, the lyrics will comfort us, yaa~ hopefully. have a great days~!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

begitu indah =)

Bila cinta… menggugah rasa
Begitu indah… mengukir hatiku
Menyentuh jiwaku…
Hapuskan semua gelisah

Duhai cintaku… duhai pujaanku
Datang padaku… dekat disampingku
Ku ingin hidupku selalu dalam peluknya

chorus :
Terang saja… aku menantinya
Terang saja… aku mendambanya
Terang saja… aku merindunya
Karena dia… karena dia… begitu indah

Duhai cintaku… pujaan hatiku
Peluk diriku… dekaplah jiwaku
Bawa ragaku melayang
Memeluk bintang

(Back to chorus) :

Na… na… na… na…
Na… na… na… na…
Na… na… na… na…
Na… na… na… na…

Back to Reff :
Begitu indah… begitu indah… begitu indah…
Oh… ho… oh… ho…
Oh… ho… oh… ho…
Oh… ho… oh… ho…
Oh… ho… oh… ho…
Oh… ho… oh… ho…
oh… ho… oh… ho…
Oh… ho… oh… ho…
Oh… ho… oh… ho…

Begitu… begitu indah

by : Padi =)

Friday, October 16, 2009

naak jawab jugak =)

01. Who was your last text to?
- Afiq Aizuddin

02. Where was your default picture taken?
- dalam kereta loqman. masa konvoi raya BM2263B. time tu budak2 lain berfogging =p

03. Your relationship status?
- single and available =p

04. Have you ever lost a close friend?
- once! don't want it to be happen again *promise =)*

05. What is your current mood?
- normal~ flat =)

06. How many frens do you have?
- err... err... satu.. dua... tiga... lima juta... enam...? ok ok. bnyak laa

07. Whats your name?
- da bnyaak soalan baru nak tnya nama? cey~ FARRAHANIZAH BT ZAINAL

08. Where do you wish you were right now?
- at bandung~ shopping till i drop =p *no more test test he assignment assignment hei*

09. Have a crazy side?
- yes of cos! ask asy =) hee

10. Ever had a near death experience?
- hmm... near death? i think nope =)

11. Something you do a lot?
- facebooking. a lot lot lot =p

12. Angry at anyone?
- nope. already settle down =)

13. What's stopping you from going for the person you like?
- i'm too shy! duhh....

14. When was the last time you cried?
- first raya =) uhuu~ *kanda, maafkan dinda jika selama ini dinda selalu melukai hati kanda..*

15. Is there anyone you would do anything for?
- my... my... loves one. not one..., a lot. there is nawa, ana, maz, clare. and choosen person i cant mention here =)

16. What do you think about when you are falling asleep?
- daydream~ jadi superwomen! do this, do that =)

17. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
- Afiq Aizuddin*again* why so annoying. da call masih nak sms? *hehe, gurau je =p*

18. What is your favorite song?
- now : ketika cinta bertasbih by melly n ku pinjam satu bintang by alyah and riz
forever : laskar pelangi by nidji *guide me to be verrrry strong

19. What are you doing right now?
- answer a lotzz of question. lend me some help ok kah?

20. Who do you trust right now?
- i put trust on everyone =) hope that they won't cheat on me *sigh*

21. Where did you get the shirt you are wearing?
- belii la! kat the store kot... sibuk je la tnya2

22. Have you kissed someone in the past week?
- taaak! *dosa tau~!*

23. Who is your friend that lives closest to you?
- live close? err... rumet boleh? ecah, aiyu n zu

24. Describe your life in one word?
- loves

25. Who are you thinking of right now?
- bel presentation =(

26. What should you be doing right now?
- presentation slides

27. What are you listening to?
- fire burning

28. Who was the last person who gave you a love letter?
- can we consider it as love letter? ok lupakan =p

29. Who was the last person who yelled at you?
- er... no one i think.. hmm... *npe tak ingat ni*

30. Do you act differently around the person you like?
- mestilah gilee~ nebes =)

31. What is your natural hair color?
- dark brown

32. Who was the last person to make you laugh?
- nawwa n fitry. thank for the day =)

33. Who was the last person to make you sad?
- farhan. because unable to sent the report on time *hehe, taak marah dah la*

34. What do you hear?
- org berdengkur =p

35. Is your hair curly or straight?
- ikal mayang *nak jugak tu tulis rmbut lama* now da rebond so da straight la.. but i misssss me long hair =)

36. Has anyone ever called you "scrumptious" before?
- tidak tahu.. ada ke?? sape?

37. Do you have a best friend?
- yes i doooo =)

38. Held hands with the opposite sex in the past 3 days?
- nope. i told u alredi kan? i'm single duhh...

39. Do you use smiley faces on the computer?
- alwaaaays =))

40. Have you ever changed clothes in a vehicle?
- nope. ingat i ni mr bean apa? dia boleh laa =p

41. Are you happy with life right now?
- yess~ but a little bit lonely sometimes =(

42. Are you currently jealous?
- just yesterday~ mcm tau tau je tbe2 tnya =)

43. What jewelry are you currently wearing?
- earringg kira jewelry taak? =p

44. What were you doing on Friday night?
- diz friday night? stadi laa...... a lot of test waiting =(

45. Have you ever had your heart broken?
- unfortunately, the answer is yes. dah sembuh rasanya... test me! =))

46. Have you ever broken someone's heart?
- rasanya pernah. lumrah laa. kita takleh nak puaskan hati semua orang kan?

47. Is there anybody you're really disappointed in right now?
- yes... *not giving any name.. nnt dia baca mati gue....* jeng jeng jeng

48. What was the last reason you went to the doctor for?
- cek blood pressure... *suspect denggi*

49. How late did you stay up last night and why?
- very very late and for the reason of finish this slide =)

50. Have you ever dated someone longer than a year?
- yes... once. but it already over. move move =))

Thursday, October 15, 2009

true me

i try to understand,
as i understand its been too late,
to realize my feeling,
my true feeling.

i'm scared to love,
someone that i know i love,
its a phobia of loving someone?

i try to limit myself,
but as we are together,
all the sweet moment just only happen,
leave me in dilemma.

my heart stop beating,
the truth i have been with someone,
where i placed my heart,
hoping that heart will be happy.

Ara Zainal

Friday, October 9, 2009

ketika cinta bertasbih

Bertuturlah cinta mengucap satu nama
Seindah goresan sabda-Mu dalam kitabku
Cinta yang bertasbih mengutus hati ini
Ku sandarkan hidup dan matiku pada-Mu

Bisikkan doaku dalam butiran tasbih
Ku panjatkan pintaku pada mu Maha Cinta
Sudah diubun-ubun cinta mengusik rasa
Tak bisa ku paksa walau hatiku menjerit

Ketika cinta bertasbih nadiku berdenyut merdu
Kembang kempis dadaku merangkai butir cinta
Garis tangan tergambar tak bisa aku menentang
Sujud syukur pada-Mu atas segala cinta

Back to [*][**]


Back to [**]

Garis tangan tergambar tak bisa aku menentang
Sujud syukur pada-Mu atas segala cinta
Ketika cinta bertasbih

nota kaki : indahnya cinta yang di imejin dalam lagu ini =)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

facebook dan saya =(

uhh... i'm mad wif u facebook~!! *gila gila punya marah ni* dah la sejak beberapa hari ini tak bagi notification setiap activity yang berlaku. naak kne banyak kali refresh baru perasan komen kawan kawan =( *patutlah macam senyap je facebook ku =p*

dan sekarang takleh pg mana mana page dah! means that, boleh log in, kuar home sume tu. tp ble nk komen org or tgk profil org lain dah tak boleh. dia tulis service unavailable. damn ahh~!

tu maknanya dia suh stadi kan? ok ok~ nnt facebook da sihat kita jumpa balik la kawan kawan =) bye~ nite2